We provide a platform where Health & Fitness enthusiasts come together to share content and related services through our FitnessCloud.com website (the “Platform” or “Service”).

  1. How do I use the Platform?
  2. See our ‘About’ page here

  3. Can I earn revenues from my content?
  4. Stay tuned, this feature will be coming to the platform shortly. In the meantime be sure to gain as a large a following as possible

  5. How can I suggest an improvement to the Platform?
  6. You can contact us at admin@fitnesscloud.com or click here

  7. How can I live stream?
  8. Upgrade to a pro membership by clicking here or by clicking your profile icon on the menu bar -> Go Pro. Thereafter the live stream feature will be activated and accessible from the top menu bar

  9. How do I upload a video?
  10. Register for an account by clicking here or click on the Profile icon in the top right and press Register, thereafter you can click the upload button and follow the steps to upload a video

  11. What happens if I Subscribe to a profile?
  12. By subscribing to a profile you will receive a notification when there is activity on this profile, in addition, any posts created from this profile will appear in your Feed page

  13. How do I tag a user?
  14. Type the ‘@’ symbol in a comment box and the dropdown list will appear

  15. What content can I upload to the Platform
  16. See our Community Guidelines to help us maintain this safe and open community and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle

  17. How can I report an issue?
  18. You can contact us at admin@fitnesscloud.com or click here

The FitnessCloud Team