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3 Minute Core Workout
24 Jan 2022
3 Minute Core Workout
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AT HOME Volleyball WORKOUT for Beginners! Public


It's here! If you want to know what kind of workouts you need to do at home to prepare for your volleyball tryouts here it is. Working out before volleyball is so very important to build the stamina and endurance so that we can perform well during volleyball tryouts and during the volleyball season.

This volleyball video will teach you different volleyball conditioning exercise, and volleyball drills that you can do without a net, and some of them even without a ball! I hope that you like this video, please like, comment subscribe and share!

Hey guys! Super exciting news! There's a Koko volley course coming out! This is my first ever course and I'm so happy to be able to help you learn how to overhand serve a volleyball. To enroll in the course, here are the steps:

● Visit The Website -

● Enroll In The Academy By Signing Up For an Account

● The Course Will Preview For Purchase on June 8, 2019!

Information About The Course:

●The Course has Lifetime Access

●The Course is $19.00 to Access

●The Course Will Be Available June 8, 2019

Please like, comment, subscribe and share! I also have a ton of fun Koko volley videos coming up so stay tuned and share! It's so good to be back.

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If you want private coaching and need some volleyball lessons, make sure to visit my website!

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3 Minute Core Workout
24 Jan 2022
3 Minute Core Workout
vinayaharia · 43 Views