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Badminton Fitness-Wrist And Finger Power Training
18 Jul 2021
Badminton Fitness-Wrist And Finger Power Training
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Explosive Rugby Power [ Axe Physio ] Public


Explosive Rugby Power. Rugby players need to do a rugby power day each week. By doing so players will develop "Explosive Rugby Power". Simply, you perform exercises that mimic tasks on the rugby field (or whatever sport you choose). This means when you come to perform those tasks you will be more powerful in rugby, if you are more powerful and explosive you have increased chance of success. To become more powerful, pro rugby clubs will have specific power days in their club gym sessions. These power days focus on; less weight, moved as quickly as possible, for a small number of reps. By doing so you are creating adaptation to be explosive.

Power days vary, there are many ways to do them. In general I like a session that's ordered in a way similar to this:

1. Main Compound lift: Push press, Squat jump, Hang cleans.
2. Secondary compound lift: Bench Press/Throw, Bench Pull, Jammer,
3. Explosive Exercises: Watt Bike, hill Sprints, Counter movement Jump, Broad Jump, Box Jump, Depth Jump, Sled Sprint,
4. Accessory Exercises: Med ball Slam/Rotation, Band Rotation, Palloff Press, Rollouts.

If you only do heavy weight but moved slowly, you will get strong BUT you wont be able to 'express' that strength in a quick fashion. Much like a powerlifter vs a weightlifter vs a sprinter. On the strength side of things the powerlifter moves more weight but is likely not as explosive as a weightlifter or sprinter. The weightlifter is more explosive then a power lifter (but cant lift as much weight (possibly)) and the sprinter can express their power the fastest but is most likely unable to lift as much as both a powerlifter and weightlifter.

TL:DR if you want to be fast/powerful, you need to train with exercises, at certain weights, that allow you to move quickly. More weight is not better, if you cant move that weight quickly.
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Badminton Fitness-Wrist And Finger Power Training
18 Jul 2021
Badminton Fitness-Wrist And Finger Power Training
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