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3 Minute Core Workout
24 Jan 2022
3 Minute Core Workout
vinayaharia · 43 Views

Golf Workout- Full Body- 25 Minute Workout Public


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Winter is almost over! Get the body going before golf season is in full swing!
**disclaimer** Check with your Doctor or Physical therapist before starting a new exercise routine.

EQUIPMENT: Swiss ball, 2 20lb kb's and one 35lb kb

Kettlebell Squat/shoulder press (20 rep)
This works the glutes, legs, hips, shoulders.
Golf help: Balance, power, hip mobility, back strength.

Alternating lunge (20 each side) Advance move-thoracic rotation
Glutes, quads,
Power, hip mobility, dynamic movement

Swiss Ball Bridge (hold 1 minute)
Glutes, lower back
Back protection, power, stability

Clams, toe tap, scissor (15 each)
Hips, glutes
Hip strength and mobility

Ball superman (15 arm reaches, 2x)
Lower back, mid back
Back stability and strength

Single arm rotating press (20 reps)
Chest, triceps, core rotation
Speed, rotation, thoracic stability and strength

Weighted ball rotations (20 reps)
Core rotation
Speed, Rotation, Thoracic stability and strength

Planks, front and side (hold each for 20-30 seconds, 2 sets per plank
Core muscles, abdominals, side abdominals
Spine stabilization.

Push ups (15 reps 3x)
Chest, triceps
Shoulder and arm strength for speed

Setup row (15 reps, 2x)
Lower, mid and upper back
Rotational support, spine support

Curls (20 total, 10 each arm, 2x)
Biceps, and forearms
Suns out guns out, that’s why!

I mentioned the Tiger Squat! Check that out here:

Throw the ball drill:

Thank you!
Aaron @Buddha_is_my_caddie

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3 Minute Core Workout
24 Jan 2022
3 Minute Core Workout
vinayaharia · 43 Views